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Joe Rule, the creator and proprietor of RuleBook Pictures started experimenting with filmmaking as a youngster in elementary school, around age 10.

In early high school, he became seriously interested in filmmaking as a career, lifestyle and means of expression, and never looked back.

Horror Short Film Loop Video

A shot from an unfinished horror short, directed by Joe Rule, age 15.

He is now a graduate of one of Canada's best film schools, and has flourished into a more experienced filmmaker, but with no less passion and excitement.

With education in the documentary field, as well as narrative fiction, Joe established RuleBook Pictures with the sole purpose of creating original, unique cinema on the fringe of big-budget industry filmmaking.

RuleBook believes that cinema does not require an outrageously bloated budget in order to be compelling. We hope to produce potent, boundary-pushing, and creative stories that a varied, universal audience can enjoy for years to come.

Copyright Joe Rule, 2024

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